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Welcome To Habbo!

We want to welcome you to our brand new hotel! Check in and check it out!

Welcome to our new hotel!

We've been working really hard to make an amazing hotel full with content for you to enjoy.

Keep in mind that the hotel is fairly fresh, but we're not planning on stopping here. More content will be rolled out over the coming weeks. Right now we are open as a softlaunch so all Habbos can get settled in their new rooms. On the 3rd of December we are planning to do a public launch of the hotel, complete with giveaways, rare furniture and much much more.

We are interested to hear what experience you would like us to provide. Habbo is a hotel that is fully community driven. We don't take your money for badges or furniture. Your activity in Habbo will automatically be awarded❤

Questions? Feedback or anything else? Please let us know on the discord.

Thanks for playing and we hope to catch you in the hotel!